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In the latest Modern Metals magazine, a leading voice in the metals industry, the editor interviewed Metal Supermarkets’ President Stephen Schober for the publication’s Facetime column. The column, which addresses timely issues with industry leaders, features a discussion with Schober about the growing niche market for multi-location, small-quantity metal suppliers.

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The column is great exposure for Metal Supermarkets within the metals industry. Being the convenience stores for metal, Schober describes Metal Supermarkets’ customer-centric business model that complements rather than competes with major service centers. Where other service centers want to sell large quantities and require order minimums, Metal Supermarkets franchisees sell small quantities with quick turnaround. The convenience factor comes into play as customers can get what they need, when they need it. Additionally, Metal Supermarkets provides many value-added services like hole-punching, shearing, cutting and bending.

As Schober notes, “In the small-quantity metal business, you have to have a wide variety of products and services to keep customers happy.”

Another advantage to the multi-location, small-quantity supply model is that customers are not limited to inventories at their closest branch. With the help of an integrated software system shared by the franchisees, Metal Supermarkets customers’ orders can be fulfilled from inventories across the entire 60 location network and have it delivered to their doorstep.

Schober’s interview provides a comprehensive look into the multi-location, small-quantity metal supply business. Readers get a good sense of the benefits of the business and how it fits into the larger metals industry. According to Schober, “Metal Supermarkets is growing, and that’s because of how we’ve managed our company and how we’re focused on growth and working in partnership with our franchises.”

Also, look out for Metal Supermarkets’ advertisement in Modern Metals.

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